Monday, March 26, 2018

Use wowapp instead of zalo, sky, viber & get paid
Everyday you go to the zalo/sky/viber for chat / call / post, invite friends to use it to call each other. What did you get? NOTHING, but you have lost your time & have little joy when someone like, cmt for your status.
This article introduces you to the opportunity to get paid when you use the app to perform tasks that you usually do everyday.

How do my opportunity introduce today will allow you to earn money?

  • Just download it, or add it to your browser, run it in the background of your phone or computer, you will be paid  => earn money
  • Introduce friends to join you get paid and commission from the money they earned or money they have used, now is 8 floors for this form  => earn money
  • Donate money to charity projects and get money
  • Watch video on app => earn money
  • Play the game on the receiving app => earn money
  • Use the slide of the phone app to receive money  => earn money
  • Read the newspaper on the app you also => earn money
  • Talk to your friends on the app also=> earn money
  • Sell ​​on the app to  => earn money
  • Complete the survey to  => earn money
  • And much more

Is this so crazy? but it is the TRUTH

Simply click on this link, download it, sign up and use it.
There are quite a lot of languages ​​so, allows you to choose & will help you complete quite easily, so I temporarily do not write tutorials.
Using your phone or computer are ok, even if you can use it on both the phone and the computer.
After clicking on the link you will receive my personal page. Click on "Tham gia với Anh trên WowApp" to get started.

After using than one time and study it, introduce your friends this great opportunity.
The instructions to withdraw money, earn money, when I free I will write.
While waiting if you need, please to ask the google :).
Thanks a lot.

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