Monday, April 23, 2018

EASIEST I ever known get free 5nac share 10nac ref 1NAC 0.4usd


  • NAC is a token code developed by Vietnamese technicians, started pre sale in November 2017 and is now listed on Forkdellta and Exrates. Also been VTV and some newspapers (you can ask google)
  • NAC is expected to mediate financial transactions, object is reduce transaction costs for financial trade and supporting trader transactions through Nami's virtual assistant.

How to join to earn money

Very simply. You just need to connect with the virtual assistant on the messeger of facebook that is already qualified to earn the NAC. This is the stage of community development (I consider it too late for community development) so we have the opportunity to earn free NACs. Now, They are currently spending quite a lot NAC for the share and ref link.
So how connected. You just click on the link and will be moved to the next page.
  • Click on option 1 if you use this facebook account as your account to earn money with Nami
  • Click on option 2 if you want to switch to another facebook account.
  • Continue to click "CONNECT" or "connect" if is recommended.
    The process of setting up an account to earn NAC now is complete.
    If successful, Nami will send you some introductory and greetings. To make sure, you text "wallet" or click on "wallet". Below is a messeger with Nami and you can click on it and send it.
    If it resend information of ID and NAC amount you have been eligible for earn NAC.
    The response message is of the form

How to earn 5NAC

Very simple, every day Nami will send a message to you, you choose a certain news (every day only sahre 1 link) and click on it to read the news. The article will give you the option of "Share to receive 5 NAC". Click Share and share it in "public" mode to get 5NAC.
24 hours later Nami will update 5NAC for you, and every day you only share a link, that is, the highest you will receive 5NAC from this share.

How to make 10NAC

To earn 10NAC per ref connected to us like you (simple too must not) you need to ref your link. To have a link ref, at the message with mani, you send text "Get 10NAC" or click "Get 10 NAC", Nami will resend ref link for you.

Here your ref link

To take this ref link and send it to your friends to connect with Nami, if a person click on your ref link and confirm the connection with Nami you will have 10NAC.

Check your NAC

To check the number of NAC in your wallet, at the messeger you text "wallet" or click on "wallet". Nami will resend for you information about the ID and NAC number you have.

Sell ​​NAC

In a short time Nami will be upgraded and you can manage your wallet, you can transfer your NAC number across the floor for sale.
To sell NAC, you should also register your account on the Nami trading platform, then easily sell it through ETH or vnđ. Similar to remitano, link to register here
Finally to check the price of NAC, at messeger you message "I want to check the price of NAC". It will tell you the price.




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